Data-Driven Manufacturing: 5 steps to successfully monetize your shop floor data

The Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Real-Time Continuous Improvement, Cyber-physical systems. The manufacturing world is swirling with buzzwords. CEOs want it, CFOs are demanding it, but everyone responsible for deploying Data-Driven Manufacturing needs a comprehensive roadmap.
This webinar will discuss MEMEX’s proven 5-step strategy for successfully leveraging Data-Driven Manufacturing to achieve operational excellence, greater efficiency and profitability.

Connect: integrating mission critical machines, old and new, with the corporate network
Visualize: shop-floor-to-top-floor dashboarding and team sharing of real-time data
Analyze & optimize: making business decision based on real-time information from OEE and other productivity metrics
Monetize: achieving 20%+ profit improvement based on just 10% OEE increase

Date: Wednesday, 16th May, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour